Jerome Jackson

Jerome Jackson

Executive Director, Operation Better Block (OBB)

Jerome M. Jackson is Executive Director of Operation Better Block, Inc. (OBB). Using decades of experience in community consensus building, grass roots outreach and community economic development, Jerome leads OBB in its mission to prevent the spread of blight and neighborhood deterioration and to further a sense of responsibility and civic pride. OBB carries out its mission by mobilizing residents, elected officials and through partnership with community agencies that focus on education, community safety, green initiatives and youth development. Jerome also has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of program management, mediation, training, community organizing and youth development.

11:00 am - 11:50 am

Morning Panel Sessions, Part 2

Improving Diversity through Corporate & Community Partnerships
How are Pittsburgh organizations making investments in underserved communities? What does responsible social impact look like? This panel will explore the ways in which our region’s employers and community organizations are breaking down systemic barriers and creating pathways to equity through strategic partnerships.